BWLC Market News

David's Market Update 9/9/11:

Canadian tubed product is almost depleted. The little remaining product is being held by direct air freighters and will not be for sale on the open market. The price is high for pounded hard shell.

Maine new shell product that was sent to Canadian pounds to be firmed up is now starting to be sold. Shell quality is pretty good with limited inventories. Priced according to quality.

The next Canadian season to open is area 35 that opens on October 15th. Quality for this area (Bay of Fundy) is usually just OK. Nothing like the quality of the South Western Novi lobsters. Even though they are “Canadian” lobsters, shells are comparable to a good firm to hard shell Maine product.

The big catches in Maine are down after hurricane Irene came through. Catches are still good, but nothing compared to the end of July beginning of August. Quality is typical for Maine new shells. The harder you cull them the better quality they are. Priced according to quality.

Boston Area:
Local catches are slow. Boats averaging 1 ½ crates per trip.

Off Shore:
Boats fishing to the East are starting to pick up. Catches should start to increase dramatically, with about 15 – 20% of catch shedders, 40 % medium Shell and 40% hard shell. Boats fishing to the West are still catching OK, but quality very poor.

Approximate 50% of the catch is a softer shell lobster.

Overall market:
Good hard shells are going to be very hard to find into the months of September and October. Pounds will probably be the best route to go, but make sure the lobsters aren’t too dirty.

Picked over Maine new shells will be the cheaper way to go, but you get what you pay for this time of year.